Espere’s Journey

A 2D adventure game for the Cal State Fullerton Video Game Development Club. Development began during the Fall 2020 semester.

The latest playable releases can be found here.

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Espere’s Journey is a 2D adventure game where Espere must survive the underground sewers of the Monster’s Realm. Development began during the Fall 2020 semester, when JP pitched his idea and we started from nothing. Everything in this game is created original for this project, including all art, sound effects, storyline and game design. Espere’s Journey is still under development.

Espere’s Journey uses Unity Version 2019.4.3f1

The Team

  • JP - Artist, Game Designer, Team Lead: [Portfolio] - Github
  • Jenni - Engineer: Portfolio - Github
  • Everette - Engineer: Portfolio - Github
  • Luis - Engineer: [Portfolio] - Github
  • Reeder - Engineer: [Portfolio] - Github
  • BJ - Sound/Music: [Portfolio] - [Github]
  • Drewbern - Sound/Music: [Portfolio] - [Github]

The Game

Espere has four abilities:

  • Calm, a mid-range attack effective against Angered enemies
  • Compliment, a long range attack effective against Insecure enemies
  • Reassure, a short range attack effective against Hopeless enemies
  • Silence, a AOE attack effective against Frustrated enemies

Project Documentation

[Original Pitch]
[Second Semester Pitch]
Espere Abilities
Player FSM Documentation


Thanks to Vast for all the advice
Thanks to all the VGDC supporters