A small scene to demonstrate shaders and day/night cycles

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This project was created to try making a day/night cycle, complete with stars during the night. It was also to make different kinds of Shader Graphs. I also learned to apply Post Processing effects like Sky and Fog.

The Team

The Game

Shaderland has different types of Shader Graphs on all the different trees. It also has different materials and shaders on all the mountains. There is a day/night cycle with a different light for the sun and the moon, along with stars that come out at night and are hidden during the day. You can walk around the scene and look at how the colors, shadows and materials change with the lighting. All of the 3D polygon assets were colored by shader graphs. There’s no purpose aside from admiring my love of iridescent shaders.

Project Documentation

View a video of the project


The first person controller is from the Unity Demo Project for Shaders
All polygon art assets are from the Polygon Prototype by Synty Studios
Shaderland scene music is Elevator Music 2 by Alex McCulloch
Buttons are from 371 Simple Buttons by Nayrissa