Microverse is a mobile app with short microgames

Project Github can be found here

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Microverse is a mobile app with short microgames. It was created for the Spring 2021 Software Engineering class at California State University, Fullerton. The objective is to design and deliver a product with a randomly selected group of students, using the tools, methods and technologies learned in class. The project is broken up into four iterations of three weeks each.

Microverse was created using Unity Version 2020.2.3f1

Microverse Github

The Team

Known in class as “Group F”

The Games

  • Main Menu - Find all the Microgames here
    • Swipe menu with descriptions for all games

  • DodgeCoin - A 2D game where the player controls dodge and must avoid randomly bounching coins
    • Has a countdown timer that counts down the time to survive
    • Coins increase in speed and amound as the timer counts down

  • SpeedTap - A 2D game with a reaction timer that increases tap objects as time goes on
    • User must wait for the green screen to tap the given item
    • Users time is displayed in milliseconds
    • Leaderboard will display high scores with times to beat

  • SpeedDot - A 2D game with speed dot to dot
    • Connect the dots as fast as possible
    • Number of dots increase as time goes on
    • Leaderboard will display high scores with times to beat

  • JenniSays - A 2D memory game with infinite levels
    • Follow what Jenni says and tap the pictures in order
    • An extra step is added with every level
    • Leaderboard will display high scores with number to beat

Project Documentation

Prototype Presentation
Iteration One Deliverables
Iteration Two Deliverables
Iteration Three Deliverables
Iteration Four Deliverables