Micro Agile


Microverse’s task list needed to be organized so our team wasn’t all working on the same tasks at the same time. What’s the best way to do that?


For our Microverse project, we were given the freedom to choose any tools, methodologies and processes that we wanted. As a group we agreed that using Agile methodologies would be the best for our project. Since we had four sprints, we used each iteration to evaluate how each game was going and what adjustments needed to be done to make it more fun to play. We did scrum on discord every day to keep everyone accountable and to adjust for things like midterms and exams.

We then had to decide how and where we were going to do our Kanban Board. We narrowed it down between Trello and Github Projects. A few team members proposed we use Trello because they were familiar with it. I brought up that it’s easy to ignore since you have to go to another website to use it.

I proposed we use Github Projects, since it is in the same location as our github repo. It also makes it easy for us if we want to show it to future employers. We all agreed that using Github Projects was the best way to go. I created the project board, set up the headings and showed everyone how to add cards to the backlog.

It was really easy to use, and nice to see how everything was progressing in the project. To keep things clear for our Professor, as each task was completed we added what iteration it was completed on, and who completed it. I would go in once a week and make sure everyone had their cards in the right places. Using Github Projects was a really easy way to keep track of our project’s progress.

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