Geologic Treasure at the End of the Rainbow


When I transferred to CSUF, I was originally a Geology major. If you think about it, geology and computer science have a lot of things in common. Both of them require you to think very logically.

For my field geology class, we had to survey a geological area and write a report about what the rocks were telling us. The hardest part of the assignment was to condense more then a billion years of geologic history into a two page report. We were told that after two pages, our professor would stop reading and that was it.

It was a challenge to keep everything I learned about Rainbow Basin contained in two pages, and also make it readable. We also had no constraints on additional pages, so I added in some photos and maps that I had taken at Rainbow Basin. On this trip, I really appreciated how easy technology made some things, like measuring strike and dips on rocks that were across the basin from me.

Here is the link to the paper in its two page entirety.

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