Reverse Engineering a Pokerrrr2 SRS


For my technical writing class, we were given a randomly assigned group and an app, Pokerrr2 to write a software requirements specification on. This was a great reason to play a lot of poker with each other.

Read it here - Pokerrrr2 Software Requirements Specification

I had never written a technical paper with a group before. Neither had my group members. We decided we would approach it like we would any coding project. I found a SRS template from the IEEE that we figured we could modify as we needed. Then we each researched and wrote the sections that we were most interested in.

When we put all our pieces together into a shared doc, we realized we had a problem. Quite a few of us had duplicate information in our sections. Some sections had no information at all. As a group we went through and edited out the duplicates, rearranged sections, and decided who would fill in what missing information.

After we all wrote our parts, we edited for clarity again. We removed sections that we were unable to find information on. I did a final pass to make sure the formatting was consistent through the entire SRS. Our SRS was voted as the best in the class, so our process worked well.

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