Tuffy Track

TuffyTrack is a game where you try to collect financial aid while avoiding your professors. TuffyTrack was built using the GoDot Game Engine.

Github for the project

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TuffyTrack is a project I worked on for Spring 2020 Software Development with Open Source class at California State Fullerton. The requirements were to make a project using Open Source Software, using existing Open Source software and code written by our group. It must use CASE tools, version control software, and include documentation.

To the Tuffy Track Github! Dev blog about Tuffy Track and its challenges


  • First Person Camera
  • CSUF Computer Science & Engineering Building Layout
  • Shoot Assignments at Professors Coming Soon
  • Collect Coins
  • All before time runs out!

Project Design Document

This project design document contains the brainstormed ideas for TuffyTrack. Many of the ideas became difficult due to time and score restraints.

Project Design Document following Unity Create with Code: Tuffy Track Design Document Draft

Full product documentation