Pong Version Two

Pong is part of a multi part talk I gave for Inland Empire Software Development to teach how to create games in Unity. This project was used in Part 2.

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Pong Version One

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Pong was created for a multi-part talk I gave for Inland Empire Software Development on Unity game development. Part one started with a very basic pong game. Part two expanded on what was learned and introduced the Model View Controller design pattern. It also added modular design, a start and pause menu, ball direction randomization, and randomized sounds.

Presentation Video

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The Game

Pong features:

  • A Game Manager to manage the start and pause buttons based on game state
  • A Input Manager to assign Player One and Player Two keyboard controls
  • Modular Player objects that can be added up to an infinite amount
  • Player paddle prefabs with adjustable move force
  • Ball prefab with adjustable start angle and force
  • Sound manager with an adjustable list of sound effects to randomly pick from

The Team

Pong was created by Jenni and Vast


Thanks to Inland Empire Software Development for allowing me to present.